Stammbaum D-Wurf

Wild Guy Valentino of Calimero’s Castle Rayleas My Guy Stanroph Squadron Leader Steval Mickey Finn At Ivycrest
Stanroph Shere Fantasy
Rayleas Treacle Tart Rayleas Dempsey
Rayleas Candyfloss
Flying Fille of Calimero’s Castle Zealous Sam of Graceful Delight Glenweir Rhum of Hofway
O’Teazle of Graceful
Tina Cayenne of Remy Martin Goldens Amrirene Sir Galahad
Valentina of Remy Martin Goldens
All is Mine Angelina vom Joseph Joss Tal Nightingale’s Fellow Leander Lennox Linus Filha’s Love D’Artagnan of Calimero’s Castle Vaillant des Fields de Mauny
Gina vom Lenther Blick
Nightingale’s Fellow Finn’s Faithful First Filha Daily Rays Catch the Wind
Nightingale’s Fellow Dijou Cassia’s Darling
Golden Gina vom Hasseldeller Forst This Will Doo v.d. Beerse Hoeve Ebbledown Riversleigh
Ringtone v.d.Beerse Hoeve
Celine vom Hasseldeller Forst Trebell Taken By Strom
Annika vom Hasseldeller Forst

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